Why Greeting Cards With Sheet Masks?

Why Greeting Cards With Sheet Masks?

I needed a gift for my mom. 

The story is quite simple; I wanted to send my mom a sheet mask and it was very apparent that no one makes greeting cards that fit sheet masks. Many of them are too wide too or look cheap or unthoughtful when stuff inside a card. 

Bloom Greetings: Greeting Cards with Sheet Masks

I already have some experience making greeting cards and decided to try and make a greeting card that fits a sheet mask and then only use a premium and worry-free sheet mask that my mom would love and take care of her skin. 

Bloom Greetings was born! This just launched in August 2018 and we are excited to get the word out. 

If you have any questions please send us an email at team@bloomgreetings.com and either I or my co-founder Mandy will reply as soon as possible. 

Bloom Greetings: The simple way to send all-natural sheet masks. 

Travis, co-founder